The blog is back!

The blog is back!


It's eight years since 'Green is the New Black' was published. Back in 2007, the idea of fashion that didn't destroy the planet or exploit people was fairly new. And while fast fashion was gaining pace, it was nowhere near as turbo charged as it is now. Marks & Spencer had just announced its Plan A, Orsola de Castro's Estethica show at London Fashion Week had just started out the year before (with Lily Cole as its poster girl, dressed in a sack and still looking stylish) and people like me were starting to question why the origins of our clothing weren't as clearly labelled as our bananas. 

A lot has happened since then. A lot of positive stuff and quite a lot of bad stuff. This week we will be remembering the 1,129 garment workers who died at the Rana Plaza factory disaster on Fashion Revolution Day on April 24. It just seemed a good time to take stock - and to relaunch this blog and update some of the ideas from my book which now seems very innocent and a little quaint. 

I'm not sure where it's going to take me but I know there are now many like-minded fashion lovers out there who like their clothes so much they want them to have been made in a way that hasn't harmed anyone, made rivers run multi-coloured, or  exploited anyone along the way. I hope this will be a celebration of all the best things in fashion. I hope you enjoy the journey. 

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